Atila Altaunbay: The Enigmatic Life of Grace Jones’ Husband

Atila Altaunbay is a name that might not be widely recognized on its own, but his association with the legendary singer, actress, and model Grace Jones has brought him into the spotlight. Known primarily as Grace Jones’ husband, Atila Altaunbay has an intriguing background and an enigmatic presence that has fascinated many.

In this article, we will delve into Atila Altaunbay’s life, exploring his career, his relationship with Grace Jones, and the mystery that surrounds him.

Early Life and Background

Atila Altaunbay was born in Turkey in 1976. Despite the public interest in his life, details about his early years remain scarce. He grew up in a traditional Turkish family, and not much is known about his upbringing or education. His journey from Turkey to the international stage is largely undocumented, adding to the air of mystery that surrounds him.

Career as a Bodyguard

Atila Altaunbay’s professional life took a significant turn when he became a bodyguard. His career in security brought him into contact with high-profile clients, including celebrities and influential figures. It was in this capacity that he met Grace Jones, the iconic singer and actress known for her striking looks, powerful voice, and captivating performances.

Relationship with Grace Jones

The relationship between Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones is one of the most intriguing aspects of his life. The two met when Altaunbay was hired as Jones’ bodyguard. Despite the significant age difference—Jones being 28 years older—their relationship quickly blossomed into a romantic one. They married in a private ceremony in 1996, a union that surprised many due to the couple’s contrasting backgrounds and lifestyles.

The Marriage

Grace Jones and Atila Altaunbay’s marriage was both passionate and tumultuous. Jones, known for her larger-than-life persona, and Altaunbay, a relatively private individual, made an unusual but compelling pair. Their relationship was marked by intense love but also by challenges, including the pressures of public scrutiny and the demands of Jones’ career.


Grace Jones and Atila Altaunbay’s marriage eventually faced significant strain. Despite their deep connection, the couple separated after several years. The reasons for their separation have remained largely private, with both parties choosing to keep details about their personal lives out of the public eye. Their relationship, however, remains a notable chapter in both of their lives.

Life After Grace Jones

Following his separation from Grace Jones, Atila Altaunbay largely retreated from the public eye. Unlike Jones, whose career continued to flourish, Altaunbay chose a more private path. Information about his post-marriage life is limited, and he has maintained a low profile. His current activities and whereabouts are not widely known, adding to the enigmatic nature of his persona.

Legacy and Public Perception

Atila Altaunbay’s legacy is intertwined with his marriage to Grace Jones. While he may not have a public career of his own, his role in the life of such a prominent figure has left an indelible mark. The story of their relationship continues to intrigue fans of Grace Jones and followers of celebrity culture.

Public Interest

The public interest in Atila Altaunbay stems largely from his association with Grace Jones. Fans and media alike have speculated about the nature of their relationship, the reasons for their separation, and Altaunbay’s life before and after his marriage to Jones. Despite the curiosity, Altaunbay has remained an elusive figure, rarely making public appearances or statements.


Atila Altaunbay may not be a household name, but his life story is one of intrigue and mystery. As the former husband of Grace Jones, he has a unique place in the world of celebrity culture.

His background as a bodyguard, his passionate relationship with Jones, and his subsequent retreat from the public eye create a narrative that captivates and fascinates.

While much about Atila Altaunbay remains unknown, his connection to one of the most iconic figures in entertainment ensures that his story will continue to be of interest to many.

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