Effortless Mirror and Shelf Fixing Services

Do you want to change the look of your room? Well, get mirrors and shelves. They make rooms appear larger and tidier. Let’s now discuss how to install mirrors and shelves easily.

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Choosing A Suitable Spot

Search for a place

First, choose a good point. Mirrors need somewhere with enough light. They reflect it, making rooms brighter. Shelves require strong support. Keep them out of the way at the right place.

Measure twice

Check out your wall space measurements. Ensure that the mirror and shelves fit perfectly on your wall. Use a tape measure for accuracy purposes. Double-check everything since this avoids mistakes.

Think about height

What are the heights? Make sure that mirrors are at eye level, while shelves should be easily accessible. In terms of heights, they must be functional and accommodating.

Equip Yourself with All Tools 

Get proper tools

A few essential tools will help you find your way here. Get a drill, screws, anchors, a leveler and a screwdriver. You must charge your drill carefully. Take all bits and accessories needed in this endeavor.

Safety gear

Put on safety glasses plus gloves. Safety comes first. Wear goggles to prevent dust from entering your eyes. Gloves safeguard hands against sharp edges or splinters.

Additional tools

Consider using a stud finder. It assists you in locating solid parts of your wall. A pencil and a tape measure also come in handy. You might also need some extra help from a friend.

Place the Mirror Properly in Position 

Mark location precisely 

Hold it where you want it, then mark the top and bottom with a pencil. Also, mark where hooks or brackets should go. Confirm if marks are straightened up.

Drill holes correctly 

Drill necessary holes through those spots. Use the appropriate drill bit according to the type of wall you are drilling into. Either wood bits if drilling through wood or masonry bits for dry walls

Insert anchors  

Place wall anchors inside the holes so that screws fit in tightly and do not easily fall out. Tap lightly with a hammer to make them even with the wall.

Hang your Mirror

Put on hooks or brackets using screws carefully. Hang it levelling. Place leveler to ascertain the balance of it. Adjust where needed. Tighten screws firmly

Place Shelves Properly

Plan shelf height.

Note down those spots you marked when deciding the heights of the shelves. Remember what you would like to place on them. Ensure there is enough space between them.

Drill holes

Drill holes for shelf brackets. Check them using a level. Ensure that they are at an equal distance apart. This helps ensure straight shelves.

Attach brackets 

Tighten screwing these brackets onto the wall. Make sure they fit safely. Test pushing them a little bit; they should remain still as rocks.

Put Shelf onto Wall Brackets

Place this shelf right onto these stands. Confirm by using a level. Adjust when necessary, Screw it if need be.

Make Your Space Beautiful

Adding items

Arrange items on shelves. Add decorative pieces, books, or plants. Arrange them evenly. Do not put too much stuff on one shelf.

Clean mirror properly 

Use a clean cloth to remove dust and dirt from the mirror-polished surface. Use Glass cleaner for better results. Avoid clothes that leave marks after cleaning on glass surfaces. Clean with a lint-free cloth, thereby avoiding streaks.

Additional Tips

Considerable Design Choices

To match your interior design, pick mirrors and shelves. Consider the color and style that should be harmonized with your room. This will give it a whole look.

Mix them up

Combining various sizes and shapes is interesting. It adds a lot of fun stuff. You can also choose different materials for variety, like a wood-metal combination.


Place lights near mirrors to enhance their effect. They could be lamps or wall lights; they brighten the space and make it cozier.

Why Professional Help?

Expertise skills

Professionals like https://www.pshomemaintenance.com/ possess the right skills needed to put up mirrors plus shelves correctly. They ensure everything is done properly.

Time-saving measure

Employing an expert saves time because they work faster. This way, you can focus on other duties rather than wasting much time supervising the installation process, which will soon enable you to not only admire the new design but also enjoy it.

Preventing Blunders

Professionals avoid common mistakes, which include misalignment during the fixing of these items so that they remain intact even in future times.

Peace of Mind

Hire professionals for peace of mind. Once they finish their work, you can know that you did everything correctly without worrying about whether things are alright, especially when doing it yourself. Competent hands touch your dream decor.

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