r/SquaredCircle: The Ultimate Hub for Wrestling Fans

r/SquaredCircle is the go-to destination for wrestling enthusiasts on Reddit. 

This vibrant community brings fans worldwide to discuss, analyze, and celebrate everything related to professional wrestling. 

In this article, we will explore what makes r/SquaredCircle the ultimate hub for wrestling fans, highlighting its features, benefits, and unique value to its members.

Introduction to r/SquaredCircle

r/SquaredCircle is a subreddit dedicated to all things professional wrestling. Created in 2011, it has grown into one of the internet’s largest and most active wrestling communities.

With over 600,000 members, r/SquaredCircle offers a platform for fans to engage in lively discussions, share news and updates, and connect with fellow wrestling enthusiasts.

The Essence of r/SquaredCircle

Community-Driven Content

r/SquaredCircle thrives on user-generated content. Members post news match results, rumors, and personal insights, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving stream of information. The subreddit’s democratic structure allows users to upvote and downvote posts, ensuring that the most relevant and engaging content rises to the top.

Diverse Discussions

The diversity of discussions on r/SquaredCircle is one of its greatest strengths. Topics range from WWE and AEW to independent circuits and international promotions. Whether you’re interested in historical matches, current storylines, or upcoming events, r/SquaredCircle has something for every wrestling fan.

Real-Time Updates

Wrestling is an ever-changing sport, and r/SquaredCircle keeps its members informed with real-time updates. From live event threads to breaking news, the subreddit ensures that fans are always in the loop. This immediacy enhances the fan experience, allowing members to react and discuss events as they happen.

Key Features of r/SquaredCircle

Table: Key Features of r/SquaredCircle

User-Generated ContentMembers post and discuss news, rumors, and personal insights
Real-Time UpdatesLive event threads and breaking news keep fans informed
Diverse TopicsCovers WWE, AEW, independent circuits, and international promotions
Community EngagementThe upvote/downvote system highlights the most relevant content
Weekly ThreadsScheduled threads for specific topics, like match predictions and reviews
Memes and HumorA mix of serious discussions and light-hearted content
AMA Sessions“Ask Me Anything” sessions with wrestlers and industry insiders
Flair SystemCustom user flair to show allegiance to favorite wrestlers or promotions

Facts and Figures

  1. Established: 2011
  2. Members: 600,000+
  3. Daily Active Users: 20,000+
  4. Total Posts: 2 million+
  5. Weekly Threads: 10+
  6. AMA Sessions: 50+ per year
  7. Upvote Ratio: 75%
  8. Content Categories: 10+ (WWE, AEW, NJPW, etc.)
  9. Moderators: 30+
  10. Global Reach: Users from 100+ countries

Pros and Cons of r/SquaredCircle


  • Engaged Community: High levels of interaction and engagement among members.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Extensive discussion on various wrestling promotions and events.
  • Real-Time Updates: Immediate access to news and live event discussions.
  • User-Driven Content: Content relevance is determined by community upvotes.
  • Educational Value: Insightful discussions and historical perspectives enhance knowledge.
  • Entertainment: A mix of serious and humorous content keeps the subreddit lively.


  • Overwhelming Volume: The high volume of posts can be overwhelming for new users.
  • Varying Content Quality: User-generated content can vary in quality and reliability.
  • Niche Focus: Primarily focused on professional wrestling, which may not appeal to casual fans.
  • Moderation Challenges: Managing a large and active community can lead to moderation issues.


r/SquaredCircle is the ultimate hub for wrestling fans, offering a rich and engaging platform for discussion, news, and community interaction. 

Its user-driven content, real-time updates, and diverse topics make it an invaluable resource for hardcore and casual wrestling enthusiasts. 

By fostering a sense of community and providing a space for fans to connect and share their passion, r/SquaredCircle has solidified itself as the premier online destination for all things wrestling.


What is r/SquaredCircle?

r/SquaredCircle is a subreddit on Reddit dedicated to professional wrestling, where fans can discuss, share news, and engage with fellow enthusiasts.

How can I join r/SquaredCircle?

You can join r/SquaredCircle by creating a Reddit account and subscribing to the subreddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/.

What types of content are posted on r/SquaredCircle?

Content includes news, match results, rumors, personal insights, live event threads, historical discussions, memes, and AMAs with wrestlers and industry insiders.

How does the upvote/downvote system work?

Members can upvote or downvote posts and comments, which helps highlight the most relevant and engaging content.

Are there any rules or guidelines for posting on r/SquaredCircle?

Yes, r/SquaredCircle has rules and guidelines to ensure respectful and constructive discussions. These can be found in the subreddit’s sidebar.


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r/SquaredCircle provides an unmatched community experience for wrestling fans, blending real-time updates, diverse discussions, and a passionate user base. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to professional wrestling, r/SquaredCircle is the place to be.

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