Tamil Font Style: Enhance Your Tamil Texts with Stylish Fonts

Tamil is a beautiful and ancient language, and the right font style can make your Tamil texts even more appealing.

Whether you’re creating documents, designing graphics, or developing websites, selecting the perfect Tamil font style is crucial.

This guide will explore various Tamil font styles, how to install and use them, and answer frequently asked questions.

Importance of Tamil Font Styles

Aesthetic Appeal

Using stylish Tamil fonts can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your text, making it more engaging and readable.

Cultural Expression

Different Tamil fonts can convey various cultural and traditional nuances, adding depth to your content.


With a variety of Tamil font styles available, you can choose the perfect font for any purpose, whether formal, casual, or creative.

Popular Tamil Font Styles


Latha is a widely used Tamil font known for its clarity and readability. It is commonly used in official documents and websites.


Bamini is a popular choice for typing Tamil on computers. It’s known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for general purposes.

Vanavil Avvaiyar

This font is often used for decorative purposes due to its elegant and artistic style. It is perfect for invitations, posters, and graphic design.

Akshar Unicode

Akshar Unicode is a versatile font that supports both Tamil and English. It is suitable for bilingual documents and websites.


SunTommy is a stylish font that adds a modern touch to Tamil text. It is often used in creative projects like advertisements and digital art.

How to Install Tamil Fonts

On Windows

  1. Download the Font: Find a reliable source to download the Tamil font file.
  2. Extract the File: If the font file is in a zip folder, extract it to a convenient location.
  3. Install the Font: Right-click on the font file and select “Install.” The font will be added to your system.

On Mac

  1. Download the Font: Download the Tamil font file from a trusted source.
  2. Open Font Book: Open the Font Book application on your Mac.
  3. Add the Font: Drag and drop the font file into Font Book. The font will be installed and available for use.

On Linux

  1. Download the Font: Download the Tamil font file.
  2. Extract and Move: Extract the font file and move it to the /usr/share/fonts directory.
  3. Update Font Cache: Run the command fc-cache -fv in the terminal to update the font cache.

Using Tamil Fonts

In Microsoft Word

  1. Select the Font: After installing, open Microsoft Word and select the Tamil font from the font menu.
  2. Enable Tamil Keyboard: Go to language settings and add the Tamil keyboard layout.
  3. Type in Tamil: Switch to the Tamil keyboard layout and start typing in your selected font.

In Adobe Photoshop

  1. Select the Font: Open Photoshop and select the Tamil font from the font list.
  2. Enable Tamil Typing: Use the Tamil keyboard layout to type text directly or copy and paste Tamil text from another source.
  3. Style the Text: Use Photoshop’s text styling tools to enhance your Tamil text further.

In Web Design

  1. Include Font in CSS: Use the @font-face rule in your CSS file to include the Tamil font.
  2. Apply Font Family: Set the font-family property in your CSS to the Tamil font for the desired elements.
  3. Ensure Compatibility: Test your website across different browsers and devices to ensure the Tamil font displays correctly.

FAQs about Tamil Font Styles

1. Where can I download Tamil fonts?

You can download Tamil fonts from various websites like Google Fonts, Tamil Font Library, and other trusted font repositories.

2. Are Tamil fonts free to use?

Many Tamil fonts are free for personal use, but some may require a license for commercial use. Always check the font’s licensing information.

3. How can I type in Tamil on my computer?

You can enable the Tamil keyboard layout in your operating system’s language settings and switch to it when you need to type in Tamil.

4. Can I use Tamil fonts on my website?

Yes, you can use Tamil fonts on your website by including them in your CSS file using the @font-face rule or linking to a web font service like Google Fonts.

5. How do I ensure my Tamil text displays correctly across all devices?

To ensure compatibility, use web-safe Tamil fonts or include multiple font options in your CSS. Test your website on various browsers and devices.


Tamil font styles can transform your text, adding aesthetic appeal and cultural depth. Whether for professional documents, creative projects, or web design, choosing the right Tamil font is essential. Follow the steps to install and use these fonts effectively and enhance your Tamil texts today!

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